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Big Tine Adventures is located in the famed Peace River Region of Alberta, Canada.  Based out of the small community of Spirit River, Alberta outfitter guide Blake Shmyr has been hunting this are his whole life and has been guiding there since 1999.  This area in which outfitter guide Blake Shmyr operates in is World Renowned for its monster whitetails, huge mule deer and giant black bear.  The area also produces some great moose and elk hunting opportunities.  Hunters who have booked with Big Tine Adventures have enjoyed immense success on various species including the harvests of Boone and Crocket whitetails, mule deer and black bear.  Big Tine Adventures works hard year round even in the off seasons by winter scouting, shed hunting, months of early season pre scouting as well as monitoring it with many motion cameras year round to ensure and maintain its high success rates on above average game.  Big Tine Adventures takes small numbers of hunters per year so if you are looking for an above average hunting adventure hosted by professionals in their field contact us today and book your Dream Hunt!

Big Tine Numbers
  • Outfitter guide Blake Shmyr has personally guided over 40 180+ inch mule deer hunts along with 4 net Boone and Crocket net typicals and 10 bucks grossing over 200 inches in the past 10 years.
  • In 2005 Blake Shmyr personally guided 13 rifle mule deer clients and enjoyed 100% success on 13 buck taken with an incredible 189 inch average.
  • Largest buck ever taken with credit to our outfit was a 236 inch monster mule deer.
  • In 2008 our 11 mule deer hunters shot 10 bucks with a 183 inch average.  Smallest being a 172 inch and the largest being a giant 205 inch typical.
  • In 2009 our 10 mule deer hunters took 9 bucks with over a 180 inch average the biggest being a 200 inch typical.
  • In 2008 Big Tine Adventures’ 8 white tail hunters took 8 bucks with a 156 inch average.
  • In 2009 Big Tine Adventures’ 6 white tail hunters took 5 bucks with a 167 inch average including a 184 inch monster.
  • In 2010 Big Tine Adventures’ 6 white tail hunters took 5 bucks with an incredible 183 4/8 inch average.  These bucks included a 178 inch, 179 inch and 182 to 172 inch net a 187 inch and a 191 inch gross 182 inch net Boone and Crocket typical.

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